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Constructive Approaches to Target Relevant Facebook Fans

Social media marketing professionals in Singapore have been arguing a lot on the Facebook’s new announcement, like-gate to Facebook fan pages will be eliminated. Rather than constantly getting worried about this businesses must focus on bringing in the desired fans to their Facebook-page, particularly if they run a small or medium-sized business.

Every Facebook pages’ primary aim is to create fans’ engagement for starting their own discussions regarding the page which will boost the visibility of the page and its number of fans. For acquiring this, businesses across Singapore require having the right fans that actually have interest in your product/service or discover ways to get them.

Hop-on and Check Out this Infographic Displaying the Anatomy of Facebook Fans:

Social Media Marketing Singapore

Explore the Following Constructive Approaches to Target Relevant Facebook Fans:

  • Through vigilantly finding, businesses can locate influencers which are specialists in your niche or interested in your service/product. Contact them and encourage them to speak of your business. Establishing a powerful relationship with influencers can become exceptionally useful as they are prospective customers themselves, who can speak of your business and can influence their audience to become your Facebook fans.
  • When any user writes a status update on your business it automatically gets visible to their friends. These friends might reply back to the update through making a comment, post, like, share or through coming to your business. Encourage your users to sign in to your business and facilitate them with a reward thereby motivating them to make your Facebook content.
  • Hashtags were launched for the first time on Twitter and now they are all over Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram too. So, businesses out there in Singapore start making use of local hashtags and comprise them in your Facebook status updates.
  • Businesses seeking fans that actually adore their products and services can now locate them easily and provide them different ways to “like” their fan page anytime anywhere. Try to grab your targeted customer’s attention and post statuses, infographics and videos of their interest. This will help businesses in earning their share, comment, post and “like” on your timeline. Take a look at the following infographic explaining where the opportunity for brands with customers entirely depends on the “Like”:

 Social Media Marketing Singapore

  • Tag businesses or brands which your business work with or businesses which might visit your brand and may be your suppliers. Show appreciation to them for their assistance and delivering top-quality services and they will reciprocate to this appreciation.
  • Businesses desire bringing qualitative and relevant fans to their fan-page must make use of Facebook Ads. Make use of the Facebook tools for targeting the audience of your choice. Targeting your fans and their friends will bring in new fans to your Facebook page and deliver better outcomes.
  • Think of and create activations which could blend physical and digital and become viral online by visiting to your business. Fans that like the activation might post photos on their respective social media profiles and might also invite their friends to experience the same. Then businesses can create a video of this activation and share it at all the popular social media marketing channels in Singapore. This video will then become viral and create huge buzz about your business online and will attract fans to your Facebook page and bring in new clients to your business.

Wanna Know Why Facebook Fans and Big Brands Don’t “Like” Your Facebook Page or Brand Then Check Out This Infographic:

Social Media Singapore

Certainly, Facebook is an unbeaten social media channel in Singapore which cannot be given a pass. Employ the above mentioned approaches and see how it helps your business to acquire the attention of your target audiences in Singapore!

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