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Incredible Ways to Reap Huge Benefits from the Spanking New Twitter Profile

It is completely about the pictures on this massively popular micro-blogging social media marketing platform in Singapore, Twitter!

Already in action for becoming additionally image based, Twitter rolled out their spanking new and fascinating profile enhancements few days back.  The extensive unsettled overhaul is a natural development, observing since the popular social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest are also image centric.

After the Facebook’s acquirement of Instagram and the fact that the mind functions visual data approximately 60,000 times quicker compared to a standard text post, it seems sharing fascinating visuals are the right way to win your audiences’ hearts. Twitter advancements bring additional opportunities for brands, web marketers and influencers to magnetize and grab more attention to their content.

Have A look at This Amazing Video Below Explaining the Features Offered By The Spanking New Twitter Profile:

Let’s Explore the Incredible Ways to Take Benefits From this Spanking New Twitter Profile:

  • One of the major and visible transformations in the new Twitter profile is that the brands can reap benefits from the superior, across the web-page and picture-centric appearance. The cover photo canvas facilitates individuals and companies to exhibit their brand and stand out from their niche contemporaries. Get a spring sidewalk sale or create and post a header image to promote or make a collogued image of the alternatives and observe the reservations roll in. These proclamations add an extra value to your Twitter realm audience and support brand loyalty.
  • Profile pictures got a slight improvement to 400 x 400 pixels and having larger space, so choose an image for your personal page which is extremely easy and displays your best feature. Ensure that your profile picture synchronizes with your cover photo for an attention-grabbing flow.
  • This amazing social media marketing platform user in Singapore can now also pin a tweet right at the top of their profile.  Acquire a proclamation you need all your tweeters to get aware of and pin it for all to see! Create an image altogether with the competition principles and instructions and then pin it up to increase audience engagement.
  • Exceptional to this platform and probably the toughest for brands and web marketers to acclimatize to, is the display size of their tweets. Some tweets will display wider than others depending on the involvement level of their tweet.  The more are their click-throughs, the more their favorites will be and the more retweets a tweet acquires, the bigger their tweet size will emerge.  This facilitates the viewers to locate your most interesting content, as being reviewed by their followers.
  • Furnish your content to reap complete benefit from this amazing and resourceful experience. Create content which will magnetize your target audience’s attention and force them to respond back to it. You must always change up your content marketing strategy on the basis of what your target audience calls for, but with this spanking new advancement, this has never been so important.

If your businesses haven’t changed their personal or brand’s Twitter profile over to this brand new version then, do it right away after reading this post! The spanking new features bring new routes to magnetize and engage in this extremely resourceful social media marketing platform in Singapore with your target audience!

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